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What is this?

Hi, my name's Matt. I'm a Linux systems administrator, scout leader, open source enthusiast (perhaps activist is more appropriate), and geek. Other than that, I'm just this guy, you know? As at October 2014 I'm volunteering as part of the ICT in Schools program in Melbourne, Australia. Their site has all the gory details of the program, but the elevator summary is that it aims to create long-term partnerships between school teachers and ICT professionals so that the professionals can help to teach meaningful, real-world content to students and get them excited about the industry, to give them enough information to decide whether it's where they want to take their career.

Since late August 2014 I've been working with a K-12 girls' school. The students all have iPads, which have a tendency to make it difficult to teach the inner-working of computers since they're geared more to consumption of software etc., rather than its creation. Nonetheless, my teacher contact has started by teaching basic programming techniques using apps like Light Bot, and we're moving towards teaching some basic programming on Raspberry Pis as of October 2014.

So, back to the question "What is this?" This site is where I intend to host any teaching content we create so that other schools everywhere can make use of it. It makes sense to include content on how to help get (and keep) girls in the tech industry, given this is an ongoing struggle, however I have very little experience with what's required to make this happen, so any input would be extremely valuable!

To start with, I've got 3 really simple Python scripts I was going to introduce the students too, but haven't had a chance to do so. The scripts are here.